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Shenzhen Rjc Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Main Products:CNC Machining Parts/Plastic Injection Molding Parts/Plastic Injection Mold/Rapid Prototype
Total Trading Staff (20)Annual Sales US $2,800,000Multi-Language Capability: JapaneseCompany Industry Experience(7 Year)

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medical tube
Trade data linkage
medical device parts
Cnc Machining Service
Stainless Steel
Rapid Prototype
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RJC established on 2002, has now become a professional plastic mold and injection molding, Rapid prototypes, rapid tooling and products, CNC precision machining parts factory, the company passed ISO-9001 international quality system certification. RJC Industry Co., Ltd established on 2002, has now become a professional precision Rapid prototypes, rapid tooling and products, CNC precision machining parts factory, the company passed ISO-9001 international quality system certification, we have new standard industrial plant 3,600 square meters, the existing 24 sets of CNC machining equipment,2 vacuum molding machine Taiwan, 8 laser marking equipment, 2 laser cutting machine ,8 EDM, 4 CNC milling, CNC grinder 4, 2 CNC lathes, 3 wire cutting, deep hole drilling a rocker, 10 injection molding machines, sandblasting machine, drying machine and dust-free spray oil, silk screen shop. Existing professional and technical staff of nearly 60 people, including quality engineers, high-precision CMM, the Two dimensional coordinates detector, micrometers, hardness, and other testing equipment to provide a strong guarantee for high quality products.

Companies prototype department custom prototypes for electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, sports equipment, auto parts, cover provide rapid prototypes, small quantities production, especially for large-scale medical equipment, cars and other concepts which can not by injection mold products.

Rapid Tooling department in 2004 developed a rapid tooling with new technology, the use of simple steel, aluminum mold using injection molding, casting molding, vacuum forming, low perfusion technology, offering customers 5-7 working days ,let products become a reality. With clean painting, screen printing, laser engraving, plating, oxidation, sandblasting, brush and other surface treatment processes. Professional, concentrate on becoming excellent supplier of rapid tooling and products.

The CNC machining department established in 2008 base on market demand, focus on CNC precision machining, the main provider of medical parts processing, communications parts processing, optical parts processing, automobile and motorcycle parts processing, CNC machining complex parts, non-standard parts CNC processing, custom CNC machining, mechanical design service parts, acrylic craft products. The company has sophisticated CNC machining center and a number of other ancillary processing equipment, to engage in single, batch, and various clamping fixture design, manufacturing and assembly, equipped with the Two dimensional coordinates detector,CMM, coordinate measuring instrument high-precision testing equipment, through strict quality control process, to provide a stable, reliable products and services.

In 2002: JC Rapid MFG was founded and registered as one design company.

In 2003: At the request of customers, expand our business, start involving rapid prototypes field.

In 2004: The first to mention the development of new technology of rapid tooling, using simple steel, aluminum mold, the injection molding, die-casting molding, vacuum blister, low-pressure perfusion such as technology, as a partner in 5-7 working days to provide the batch products into reality.

In 2005: Increase 10 sets CNC machines, increase 20 staffs.

In 2007: Because of the increasing business, the enterprise into located in Baoan district ShaJing Town new industrial park, to lay a solid foundation for later enlarging.

In 2008: Set up domestic marketing team, set up plastic injection molding department.

In 2009: Set up foreign trade marketing team, annual turnover year-on-year growth of 50%.

In 2010: Expanding foreign trade marketing team, staff rose 25%, increase the automatic machine, improve production efficiency.

In 2012: The introduction of ERP production management system, and solve the problems of production management theory.

In 2014: The annual output value reached 4 million US dollars

Precision for customers, create products

Sincere for employees, create opportunities

Attentively in the industry, create brand

Meticulous for the company, creat benefits